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With the blessing of the LORD GOD: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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NEW!  English-language Typikon of the Holy Services of the Orthodox-Catholic and Apostolic Church, according to the tradition of the Great Church of Christ (Constantinopolitan usage).

I am now placing the entire translation and recompilation project of the Systema Typikou, the exhaustive and detailed Typikon of the Holy Services of the Holy OrthodoxChurch, published by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.   Since this work has not yet received hierarchical blessing for use in the churches, we are under an obligation to limit access to its contents.  Liturgists, scholars, and others with credentials from a hierarch are usually welcome to view our work, after screening.

If you wish to gain security access, please contact me by placing a comment on this post.

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Proestotikon: everything said in the sacred Orthodox services for the superior (or senior priest)

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Proestotika Vespers and Orthros

Commentary for laity on Divine Liturgy with glossary

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Divine Liturgy_bklt FINAL FULL SIZE