Typikon project: Systema Typikou

This project has been undertaken in order to provide a dependable, complete, and authoritative introduction to and application of the typikon of worship for the divine services in the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in the English language.

This project is unfolding in a series of steps:

1. the draft translation of the recently published and authoritative typikon commissioned by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, “Systema Typikou,” published by Apostolike Diakonia, 2006.

2. the recasting of that work (above, #1) in a shape which suits our American Orthodox monasteries and parishes in as wide a practibility as possible.

3. the modification and augmentation of the final product to give authoritative liturgical direction for the commemoration of our American Orthodox saints, and the inclusion of a synaxarion of festal and simple commemoration on the fixed calendar for all saints commemorated in America. This last step is especially challenging, and may possibly only with limited success be accomplished in the form of an appendix.

The posts are largely password protected, in order to provide those working with us the freedom of expression in their collaboration with us. Unfortunately, the elements must be worked up carefully in secret in order to avoid the unsavory result that certain practices be undertaken without ecclesiastical blessing.  We do nothing without the bishop.  Therefore, once our work receives due episcopal blessing, it will be released for general use.

If you are one whom I have authorized to share responsibility with me in this work, and need the password, please email me with the request at my regular email address.

  1. Dear Father:

    Your project, which I just came across today, is both monumental and wonderful. I hope you will complete it and have it published (not just on the web). An English Typikon would be a blessed benefit to all Orthodox and Byzantine Churches.

    May our Lord continue to bless you through the prayers of the Theotokos!

  2. Dear Fr Patrick,

    But the “Systema Typikou” is not in force. The Typikon of the Great Church (Konstantinos and Biolakes editions) is!

    Why do you choose the Papagiannes work?


    In Christ,

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