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With the blessing of the LORD GOD: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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NEW!  English-language Typikon of the Holy Services of the Orthodox-Catholic and Apostolic Church, according to the tradition of the Great Church of Christ (Constantinopolitan usage).

I am now placing the entire translation and recompilation project of the Systema Typikou, the exhaustive and detailed Typikon of the Holy Services of the Holy OrthodoxChurch, published by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.   Since this work has not yet received hierarchical blessing for use in the churches, we are under an obligation to limit access to its contents.  Liturgists, scholars, and others with credentials from a hierarch are usually welcome to view our work, after screening.

If you wish to gain security access, please contact me by placing a comment on this post.

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OTHER CONTENT ON THIS SITE:   Orthodox liturgics, ecclesiastical and biblical Greek, or just more information about Fr Patrick–all are treated on this site with new posts, periodically added. Just click on the subject area in the column you see to your left. For example, click on “Commentary on Divine Liturgy for Laity” to get ONLY those posts. If you want to contact about anything, leave a comment after this post with your email. Christ is risen!

  1. Bless, Father!

    I am a deacon of the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast, under the authority of Bishop Antoun. I am attached to All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, NC. My pastor is Archpriest Nicholas Sorensen.

    One of my primary interests is liturgics — the Liturgikon is my favorite book. Your Typikon translation project has excited me very much. I have just spent a few hours browsing the non-secure posts. If it would be possible for me to also view the secure posts, I would be very grateful.

    I am extremely hungry for knowledge about liturgical matters and have gleaned whatever I can from pretty much every source available in English over the years. My personal liturgical library is pretty comprehensive — I have collected every English-language prayer book, service book, horologion, etc., that I can find. I have not yet sprung for the HTM Menaion, but it is on my list.

    If you need volunteers to help with your translation project (that is, volunteers for tasks other than translation — I can decipher just enough Greek to figure out what icon is which), I would be happy to spend time dong so.

    I pray that the Lord God will remember your priesthood in His heavenly kingdom!

    Yours in Christ,

    Dcn. David Keim

    • Dn David,
      The blessing of the Lord!
      Once I have your serious agreement to the following, I will provide you with a password:
      1. in viewing these materials, you promise to assist me in this project, at whatever level of involvement seems mutually workable.
      2. you promise not to use this as an authoritative typikon for parish worship, since it does not yet possess any hierarchical endorsement. It is our hope that it will eventually become a parish typikon; however, at this stage, it possesses only “educational value.”
      3. you will not pass on to anyone else the contents of this material, without my express approval. Since this is a project in process, I would be deeply disappointed if any of it got out to the public. There is still so much to accomplish before it can be set before our hierarchs for a blessing to be used in the churches.
      So, once you inform me of your agreement, I will respond to you via your personal email address (which, please provide).

  2. Dear Father Patrick,
    Christ is Risen! My name is John Klentos and I’m Associate Professor of Eastern Orthodox Christian Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, working out of the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute. Wow! That’s a lot of typing. Anyway… My area of specialization is in Byzantine Liturgy (I wrote my dissertation on the liturgical Typikon of the Monastery of Evergetis) and I’m quite excited about your project. Would it be possible for you to grant me access? Thanks!

    • John,
      Please forgive my lengthy hiatus in responding to you. I am working on this huge project with another priest and under hierarchical blessing. I ask your patience… we intend to put out a good, final project.

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