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On pursuit of the divine eros…

In reflections, ephemera on November 10, 2008 at 6:46 am

My heart longeth for Thee in a land where there is no water, untrodden, wasteland…

I melt for Thy love, O Lord!  My flesh trembleth in holding Thy divine Communion within, as I journey forth from the holy Liturgy.  Today, when we commemorated Thy friend, our father Nektarios the wonderworker of Aigina.  Where else can I find this sweetness?  Where else is my repose, my rest?  Thou, O Lord, my Lover, O Thou Who seekest out the lost and beareth them on Thine own Shoulders to the place of green pastures.  My heart cannot contain this Love; my eyes drip with tears in Thy mercy. I am wax melting in the dew-breeze of Thine uncreated Fire.  How can any filthy passion still endure?  How can I dare utter any mean thing about my neighbor? I must keep silence before Thee!  I can barely utter any of Thy words without the running waters of the baptism of tears.  I am all dust and ashes; Thou dost consume every stubble in the heat of the Thy Love!  Truly, THOU ART!

Doxa Theo yper panta!  Glory to God for all things!